First of all we know what is Affiliate Marketing?

Simply put, affiliate marketing is a game of commissions, as you might well say, you sell things to a big company by telling people that the big company gave you a commission. If you think digitally about this system, you write an article on one of your channels or website or on social media, then you say with the text that you buy this product from this shop, then people will read your review and then your profit. Many sites can be affiliated.

 Popular sites like Amazon, Blue Host etc.

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Affiliate marketing of many Bangladeshi websites can also be done now, I do it myself.

Let's take note and know what it takes to do affiliate marketing.

1. Nish-

You must first select a topic that you are interested in working on. That topic is Nish. It can be any subject like technology, health, sports.

2. Keyword

You liked the auction, now you have to choose the keywords! Because if you don't like keywords, how do you write an article? Example: If your niche is health then the keyword may be Women’s Health Tips Now these women are your keyword. You need more than luck to succeed in affiliate business. Because keyword research will tell you how successful you will be!

3. Domain hosting

You need more than luck to succeed in affiliate business. So you have to take a domain and hosting.

4. Web site creation

You have created domain hosting, now you have to create a website! Because if you don't create a website, how will people come to you?

5. Content or article

 If you do all of the above correctly, you will definitely need to write articles with your keywords because this is the real game.

6. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO is search engine optimization. You have successfully created a website! Now if your website does not go to Google or if visitors to your website do not come, then how will the income? So SEO will basically increase the visitors to your website.

You can do all the work yourself or you can hire someone else. Nowadays you can make a good quality website at a low cost.

Now, you may be wondering, is all this work possible with mobile?

Not all is impossible. It is also possible with mobile, although it can be a little difficult.

You can also do affiliate marketing on social media, but only if you have a good quality page or group. You can do it there. But it is possible with mobile. So, there is nothing impossible.

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  2. Good luck.... the people of Bangladesh that have Affiliate Marketing. A to Z. Who knows can be successful like *Amazone*. Hope so...

  3. Good luck.. You do Affiliate by yourself. Great job... The people of Bangladesh that have Affiliate mRketing A to Z. Oh.. Perfect.. Who knows can be successful like 'Amazone' Hope so...

  4. Your Blog is very good... Feeling excited to read it.


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