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Today, I would like my visitors to learn how to Typing Quick and easy way.

Games and apps that will help you learn typing faster!

Computers and mobile phones have become an integral part of our personal or professional lives. The situation has become so much that we are writing notes on mobiles or tabs instead of paper pens in order to write and save something. Although the old-fashioned note-taking system has not left us yet, advances in technology have brought about many changes. For example, technology such as iPads are being used in the industry, video calls are being made instead of direct interviews, and receipts or memos of any product are being sent directly to our emails. The skill required for all this is the ability to type quickly and accurately. Learning a new skill can be frustrating at times. But there are many games and applications to enhance your typing skills. Using which you can easily increase your typing skills.

Why is the skill of fast typing important?
By typing fast you can save up to 21 days a year. If you can type fast, you can get things done faster. Your work will not continue to accumulate in the form of piles. You can easily complete the daily tasks on time every day.

Fast typing not only reduces your workload but also multiplies your time management skills. As well as helping you to work efficiently which increases your Productivity.

Speed Typing Online

Free online typing test to see how fast you type! Features lots of text options and many test lengths. Easy and fun way to test and improve your typing speed.

Speed Typing Online emerged from the frustration of being unable to find a free online typing test containing all of the necessary features believed to be basic requirements for any typing test. These features can broken down into three main categories:

  • a natural and polished system for text entry
  • correct and extensive performance statistics
  • a fair amount of customization (ie. text to type, length of round)

The intent is that SpeedTypingOnline fulfills all three of these categories to the greatest degree possible. Additional features and extras will continue to be added in the near future so be sure to check back often!

Typing Trainer

Typing Trainer Online - 100% Free Online Typing Web Tutor!

Typing Trainer is a web course that teaches you the efficient touch-type method for free. As a result you can double your typing speed and eventually type as fluently as you speak.
step-by-step approach you will learn the core keyboarding skills in web in just four hours - after that you're ready to use your new skill in everyday work. There's also over five hours of additional material covering speed building, numbers, symbols and more.

ZType is sponsored by Typesy. If you would like to learn how to type faster, we highly recommend Typesy. It's by far the most awesome Typing program out there! Click here for more info on Types


Don’t stop writing, or all progress will be lost.

Lastly, regular practice, discipline and patience help you to type faster. These not only improve your typing skills, but also help you acquire a variety of skills in other areas of life. So keep practicing regularly with patience.

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