Here are some tactics to create a popular YouTube channel.

STEP 1 - Set up your channel properly!!

You need to make sure you have an appealing profile picture and a channel art

  1. Design your brand.
  2. Offer something professional.
  3. Consider reviews.
  4. Do covers or live performances.
  5. Work on the tags.
  6. Complete the description.
  7. Videos must should neither be too short nor too long.
  8. Produce quality videos.

STEP 2 - Upload consistently

Youtbe algorithm loves consistency. It will be rewarded you for uploading new videos regularly

  1. Be consistent on YouTube by having a videos/contents schedule
  2. Must Show your uploaded schedule on your YouTube Channel Banner
  3. Create good thumbnail templates or use a specific style
  4. Recognize your audience & speak to them
  5. Find consistency by establishing your niche
  6. Pre-plan or write a good video script or outline
  7. Batch production
  8. Stay consistent in your YuTube video editing
  9. Make  series or split up longer videos.

STEP 3 - Do proper keyword research


  1.  Brainstorm 'seed' keywords. So, Seed keywords are the foundation of the main keyword research process.
  2.  Now See what keywords your competitors rank for. So, Looking at which keywords already send traffic to your competitors is usually the best way to start keyword research. ...
  3.  Use keyword research tools. ...
  4. Study your niche.

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