Today we are going to discuss about How to Create ISO Files Using UltraISO OR Create ISO images from CD / DVD Discs

First, select 'Tools' then select 'Create CD / DVD Image' from the main menu, or press F8, or click, the "Create CD / DVD Image" dialog will pop up:

Select your CD / DVD-ROM drive containing the compact disc and enter the name of the ISO file. Right now or now you can click the 'Make' button to create an ISO file. The Progress Widow will pop-up to indicate completion, usage time, and estimated time. You can also click the "Stop" button to cancel the action. Note: 1) UltraISO can output many formats, you can choose ISO, ISZ, BIN (BIN / CUE), Nero (NRG) or CloneCD (IMG / CCD / SUB) formats. 2) If ‘Avoid Bad Sector’ is checked, UltraISO will fill in the blank data for bad sector; Otherwise, it will stop creating a CD / DVD image when it encounters a reading error.  

3) If 'Enable ISO Filter' is checked, UltraISO will use logical ISO volume information instead of the physical track information reported on the CD or DVD drive. The simple and actually padding blocks added by your burning software will be removed this way. This option only works with data CDs and DVDs. 

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