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Samsung has received an unexpected response from Bangladeshi buyers. Pre-orders for Samsung's Galaxy G series handsets, Galaxy G Fold 3 Five-G and Galaxy G Flip 3 Five-G are almost complete within 24 hours of the start of sales. Pre-orders for all Galaxy G Fold 3 Five-G pre-orders have already been completed, according to Samsung authorities. However, to meet the demand of the buyers, Samsung Galaxy G Flip 3 Five-G has a number of other handsets in stock.

‘Amazing Product, Amazing Response’ With this motto of Samsung Bangladesh, the amazing innovation of Galaxy G series is able to meet all the needs of the buyers. And in this case, such a response from buyers is unimaginable for any brand. The leading smartphone and consumer electronics maker had previously predicted this. For this, stock of Samsung G Fold 3 Five-G and G Flip 3 Five-G smartphones were kept ready for pre-order.

Samsung Bangladesh Head of Mobile. Mueedur Rahman said that Samsung Global could have predicted such a response from buyers in the case of fold and flip phones. The G Fold 3 Five-G and G Flip 3 Five-G are the result of Samsung's relentless efforts to increase customer capacity through technology-based services. He added, "The G Fold 3 Five-G and G Flip 3 Five-G handsets have crossed all the boundaries of imagination. We've received countless questions about the release date and pre-orders from everyone from top business to lively gadget lovers. Even now, we are getting numerous questions from buyers about when these will be available at our outlets, even after pre-order lots are brought immediately. I would like to thank and wish all the Samsung buyers who have pre-ordered the G series devices. We're going to bring more handsets up front, so stay tuned. '

According to Korea's Yonhap News, pre-orders for the Samsung Galaxy G Fold 3 Five-G and G Flip 3 Five-G have already exceeded 600,000 units in Korea. About 80 percent of pre-orders were Galaxy G Flip 3 Five-G and the rest was G-Fold 3 Five-G. Korean media further say that the G series handsets are more popular among relatively young users. According to Ken Hairs, another strategy analyst firm, Samsung is set to sell 5.2 million units of the fold and flip division handsets.

Pre-ordering of Samsung Galaxy G series handsets started from September 1 in Bangladesh.

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