Hye! What's Up? This is SamSul and Welcome to my Blog....on the way you'r going to share some interesting, keep reading for discovering ! 

Want to know name some of the funniest and weirdest websites on the internet!!!!!

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There are countless websites on the internet and day by day  the number is constantly increasing. 

In my point of view, I gave you some interesting websites.

Pointerpointer: When you visit this site, wherever you place the coursor, aperson will point with his/her finger. the finger will be where the arrow marks 

- Photo collected from online

Endless horse:

keep scrolling by visiting this site and finish by looking at the horse's legs. if you can, tell me in the comments. 

- Photo collected from online

Zombo com:

Visit this site and keep waiting. if the loading ever ends!

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The Faces of Facebook: More than 1.2 billion people in the world use facebook. only this site has the corage to show profile pictures of all users on one screen. If you want , you can zoom in and find your facebook profile picture. 

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Feeling unlucky: If you type something in google and click on the feeeling lucky button, then google will take you to the first site of search results. but this site is just the opposite! this means that whenerver you search for something on this site, it will take you to the very last site of the search results. 

- Photo collected from online

so these were some of the fun websites i visited. please comment on which of these sites you like best.

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