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The distance between the two places can be seen on Google Maps

There is an opportunity to see the destination directions from Google Maps, if you want you can also see the distance between the two places. If you want you can see the distance in a straight line between the two cities. If you go from one place to another by highway, you will also be able to see how much distance you have to cross.

From the computer

  • From where you want to start measuring distances, right-click on the map.
  • Select 'Major Distance'.
  • If you only want to know the distance between two locations, then after clicking on Major Distance you have to click on the destination of the map. At the bottom of the screen will show the total distance in miles and kilometers.
  • However, if you want to know how far you have to travel from one place to another, you have to fix the directions. Suppose you want to know the distance from Karwan Bazar to Dhaka University's Kala Bhavan. In that case, first you have to right click on the caravan market on the map and select 'Major Distance'. Then you have to show the path by clicking on the bend of the path with the mouse pointer and selecting ‘Point’.
  • There is no problem if you make a mistake in selecting a point. Whatever you want to change, you can change its location by dragging. And if you click on the point, it will be deleted. If the direction is correct, it will show the total distance in miles and kilometers as before.
  • When done, you can close by selecting Close at the bottom.

From smartphones

  • Open the Google Maps app on Apple's iPhone or Android-powered smartphone. Touch and hold where you want to measure the distance from the map. The red pin will show.
  • Tap the name of the place shown at the bottom of the screen.
  • When the place page appears, scroll down and select 'Major Distance' at the bottom.
  • Then move the map to the point you want to select and move the black circle there and tap 'Add' from the bottom of the screen. Keep adding points to the map until the whole road is shown in this way.
  • To undo the last added point, select 'Undo'. If you want to clear all the points, you have to select 'Clear' by tapping 'More' from the top right.

  • Show the distance at the bottom of the screen as usual.

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  1. Thanksthe information of ho w do we find and measure the distance between two places on the google maps on IPhone&Android.Because very difficult if we calculate by ourself.ok lets more learning...


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