What is the latest SEO technique of Google?

19 Advanced SEO Techniques to Double Your Search Traffic

Here are the 19 advanced SEO strategies that you can apply directly to increase your search traffic. Getting more visitors to any blog or website will help you convert more people into customers.

There is more to conversion optimization than just getting traffic, such as making sure you have a clear lead capture form, a sales page, and a descriptive product page.

Advanced SEO Tip 1. Complete an SEO audit of your websites

Advanced SEO Tip 2. Know what your users want

Advanced SEO Tip 3. Create SEO Optimized Landing Pages

Advanced SEO Tip 4. Make your website mobile-friendly

Advanced SEO Tip 5. Increase your traffic with infographics

Advanced SEO Tip 6. Optimize Content for Rank Brain

Advanced SEO Tip 7. Write at least 1,447 words

Advanced SEO Tip 9. Post valuable content on social

Advanced SEO Tip 10. Use Advanced SEO Internal Deep Linking

Advanced SEO Tip 11. Send link juice to low-ranked pages

Advanced SEO Tip 12. Link to external sites or make backlinks with higher domain authority and It helps pass link juice to your content when you get links from high authority domains.

Advanced SEO Tip 13. Prevent Broken Link Opportunities in Wikipedia for Link Generation

Advanced SEO Tip 14. Find and use competing SEO keywords

Advanced SEO Tip 15. Use AdWords Copy in Your On-Page SEO, this is the great way to steal the spotlight from your competition is to look for keyword and keywords ideas in their Google AdWords search ads. Google AdWords ads are only short and already optimized for your competition’s target keywords.

Advanced SEO Tip 16. Use multiple keywords in the SEO page title

Advanced SEO Tip 17. Monitor Google Search Console Statistics

Advanced SEO Tip 18. Update outdated content

Advanced SEO Tip 19. Bonus - Reorganize old articles with more organic traffic potential

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