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Today we will learn how to be a cricketer EP # 05 | আজকে আমরা শিখবো আপনি...

Today we will learn how to be a cricket আজকে আমরা শিখবো আপনি কিভাবে একজন ক্রিকে…

How to find the distance between two places on Google Maps

The distance between the two places can be seen on Google Maps There is an oppo…

How to delete temporary files or unwanted data in Windows 10 OS (Operating System)

The Windows Temp file, as the name implies, is a temporary file created by a sp…

Does restarting the computer really solve the problem?

Frequently Computer or Laptop   Restarting  Is Probably a Sign of a Bigger  Pro…

How to Create ISO Files Using UltraISO or Create ISO images from CD / DVD Discs

Today we are going to discuss about How to Create ISO Files Using UltraISO OR C…

How to recover deleted files or photos from Google Drive

Often we accidentally delete important things while deleting unnecessary pictur…

how you fix the day, the e-mail will go away automatically

Hye! guyes! what's up ? Today  you share the matter how you  fix the day, …

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