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20 exceptional Defrag software programs for Disk Defragmentation in 2022 [Free]

Defragmentation is a manner that physically organizes the content material of your tough disk and stores records in a small non-stop area. It decreases the degree of fragmentation which helps you to boom the rate of your computer. Many such packages allow you to lessen software program crashes and cargo your documents faster.

Following is a handpicked list of pinnacle Defrag software programs, with their famous features and internet site links. The listing includes both open-source (free) and commercial (paid) software.

 listing of the pleasant Defrag software gear:

#1) Smart Defrag

Smart Defrag is a fast and deep defragment tool that allows you to improve computer performance and optimize difficult disks. you could speedily get the right of entry to applications to your pc.


  • It performs boot time defrag to begin your computer faster.
  • This utility lets you enhance the overall performance of the game.
  • It helps multithreading for instant, stable, and defrags.
  • You could download this software to screen disk repute in actual time.
  • It allows you to defragment large files comfortably.

#2) O&O Defrag-free version

O&O Defrag unfastened a version is a tool that permits you to optimize your SSDs and difficult disks. This utility lets you hurry up your computer. it could locate and put off undesirable documents that occupy your reminiscence.


  • It has a fraction clear out that identifies the most fragmented documents on your hard disk.
  • This program is easy to apply.
  • It combines six tough disk blocks into one for the fragmentation of SSD.
  • O&O offers a time to view which defragmentation pastime affects in a hit optimization.
  • this system enables your system and program to begin quicker.
  • The supported platform is windows.

#3) Defraggler

Defraggler is a tool that helps you to speed up your computer with defragmentation. This software can defrag disk safely and securely. It lets you organize empty disk areas.


  • it is able to loosen up your junk documents and drives.
  • The device helps with full customization.
  • you can timetable defragmentation day by day, weekly, or month-to-month.
  • it is compact and transportable.
  • The software program offers a power map to view blocks that are empty, need defragmentation, or aren't fragmented.
  • It affords help for more than 43 languages.

#4) Wise Care 365

smart Care 365 is a machine optimization tool that can easily junk documents and registries out of your laptop. This app permits you to effortlessly back up and restores registry files.


  • it can prevent adjustments to the default browser.
  • This program can save you a new utility from adding to the home windows startup.
  • you could carry out a test to smooth the file with a selected extension.
  • The invalid registry may be eliminated without problems.

#5) Windows’ Built-In Disk Defragmenter

Windows’ Built-In Disk Defragmenter is software that enables you to increase data get admission to velocity by rearranging documents saved on a pc. It lets you lessen the time taken to examine data from the disc.


  • it is able to decrease your laptop startup time.
  • home windows’ integrated Disk Defragmenter offers a clean user interface.
  • you can carry out defragment for USB drives, SD playing cards, or solid-state drives.
  • windows' integrated Disk Defragmenter

#6) Systweak superior Disk Speedup

Systweak advanced gadget is robust cleanup and defrags program. It cleans your hard drive and runs your pc quicker. This device helps you to reduce gadget crashes.


  • It helps you to improve force overall performance.
  • you could without problems transfer between the sports laptop and the house gadget.
  • replace the vital driver to your laptop to faster your laptop.
  • The device protects your gadget from malware and keeps your sensitive statistics secure.

#7) Disk SpeedUp

Disk SpeedUp is simple to interface to defrag your hard disk.


  • it is one of the best defrag software programs that help you to optimize your laptop for inapplicable documents effectively.

  • This application offers an interactive pressure map.
  • it could defrag routinely.
  • Disk SpeedUp offers superior settings to meet your requirement.
  • The supported platform is home windows.

#8) UltraDefrag

UltraDefrag is a software program that optimizes your tough disk so your OS, games, and application can perform faster. it is one of the first-rates defrags for windows 10 that offers a graphical interface that helps you to optimize the computer disk with some mouse clicks.


  • you can perform defragmentation of files that might be locked by using the running device.
  • it could be without problems configurable.
  • This app can mechanically defrag the disk whilst your computer is idle.
  • it's miles portable.
  • you can easily install this software program.

UltraDefrag gives 24/7 technical aid.

hyperlink: https://ultradefrag.net/en/index.shtml

#9) WinContig

WinContig is straightforward to use defragging utility. It lets you defrag any report. you can use this software program without set up.


  • it's far multilingual.
  • This device is available free of charge.
  • It affords a command line tool for the betterment of operating computer packages.
  • The software program is well matched with home windows.

hyperlink: https://wincontig.mdtzone.it/en/index.htm

#10) PerfectDisk pro

PerfectDisk seasoned is a beneficial device that optimizes your SSDs and HDDs. It offers bendy and custom-designed scheduling. This device lets you control the disc area.


  • it is able to dispose of replica documents.
  • This device can perform boot-time defragmentation.
  • It helps you to grow the speed of your laptop.
  • PerfectDisk seasoned gives easy to use interface.
  • The supported platform is home windows.

hyperlink: https://www.raxco.com/merchandise/perfectdisk-seasoned

#11) Condusiv Diskeeper

Condusiv Diskeeper is a software that makes pcs and physical servers fasters. it is one of the pleasant defragmentation software programs that enables you to carry out real-time defragmentation on SSDs or HDDs.


it may decide the frequency of used documents.

  • The device can enlarge the hardware lifecycle.
  • It offers faster facts transfer.
  • This disk defragmentation device can reduce software crashes and timeous.

hyperlink: https://www.condusiv.com/merchandise/diskeeper/

#12) Eusing loose Registry cleanser

Eusing is a free registry purifier utility. It permits you to ease your computer from useless documents with some mouse clicks. This software can automatically create a backup of repaired entries in the registry.


  • This loose defrag tool can accurately test your home windows for invalid records.
  • It gives a simple and person-pleasant interface.
  • The software program could make your pc quicker.
  • it is able to improve the performance and balance of the pc.
  • The software program can search and take away unwanted windows registry keys.
  • ensuring the tool does not include adware, spyware, or viruses.
  • it's far available for home windows running systems.

link: https://www.eusing.com/free_registry_cleaner/registry_cleaner.htm

#13) PassMark Fragger

PassMark Fragger is a tool that lets you boom the overall performance of your laptop by using defragmenting documents. it is one of the high-quality defragmentation tools that use widespread APIs for quicker access to your programs.


  • It allows you to fragment or defragment documents personally.
  • you could manage the scale and quantity of fragments.
  • This app helps you to view the contemporary fragmentation of a record graphically.
  • you could without problems see exact information about fragmented files.
  • It lets you fragment current files without the use of the unfastened area to be had inside the laptop device.

hyperlink: https://www.passmark.com/products/fragger/

#14) MyDefrag

MyDefrag is a free defragmentation software. It offers a graphical user interface for ease of dealing with this system. it's far one of the satisfactory defrag software for a loose app that lets you test flash reminiscence disks for defragmentation.


  • you could optimize your laptop day by day, weekly, or month-to-month.
  • It helps more than 22 languages.
  • you could carry out the scheduler at run time.
  • It comes with an assist record for brand new users.
  • This tool is to be free for non-public and business use.

hyperlink: http://www.mydefrag.net/

#15) Puran Defrag

Puran Defrag is an application that offers a wizard to optimize the performance of your laptop. It performs batch restoration to maintain your computer device clean.


  • it may flow regularly used folders and files to quicker disk regions.
  • This software plays optimization via freeing the laptop area.
  • Puran Defrag helps the command line defrag.
  • The software gives an undesirable folder or reports exclusion.
  • perform computerized defragmentation.
  • it is available for home windows.

link: http://www.puransoftware.com/Puran-Defrag.html

#16) closing Defrag

remaining Defrag is software that allows you to optimize your report gadget. It let you defragment a complete power. This software allows you to restore your pc power overall performance.


  • it may consolidate each document and disk area and documents within folders.
  • This device allows you to boot your computer faster.
  • helps wild card characters for deciding on files.
  • It offers an intuitive consumer interface.

link: https://www.disktrix.com/

#17) DupeGuru

DupeGuru is a cross-platform GUI software that may discover more than one copy of the identical document. This open-supply reproduction document finder scans any document by means of contents or filenames. It allows you to fast get replicated files to your pc.


  • It has a selected track mode to go looking at the song-specific records.
  • you could locate the photos whose appearance is comparable.
  • It gives numerous methods to filter out and sort your end result.
  • This utility has a reference listing machine and grouping system that prevents by chance deleted files.

price: free

Platform: home windows, Mac, Linux

link: https://dupeguru.voltaicideas.internet/

#18) AllDup

AllDup is a device that enables you to find and get rid of the reproduction of files. it may look for text files, tunes, films, and snapshots. This software program applies various standards like file length, report content material, record attributes, file advent dates, and extra.


  • forget about the EXIF (Exchangeable picture file format) facts of JPEG files.
  • the program automatically selects the duplicates.
  • It affords a handy seek end result.
  • allows you to look for limitless folders and documents.
  • AllDup lets you look at outcomes to CSV or TXT documents.
  • you may preview many report codecs.

charge: free

Platform: Windows XP & above, home windows Server

hyperlink: http://www.alldup.de/alldup_help/alldup.personal home page

#19) CloneSpy

CloneSpy is a loose reproduction cleanup software for windows. The software enables you to locate replica documents and discover a comparable copy of documents by way of call, time, date, and region. it can additionally look for zero-period files.


  • It helps you to delete redundant files.
  • reproduction documents may be moved to a specific folder.
  • supports shortcuts.
  • Export list of equal documents.
  • perform delete or circulate operation in batch.

fee: loose

Platform: home windows

link: http://www.clonespy.com/

#20) DupScout

DupScout is a redundant document finder. This application appears for copies of documents in the nearby disc, community proportion, and NAS (network-attached storage) storage gadgets. you may save the search record.


  • you may filter duplicates.
  • Export consequences to the MS square database.
  • seek redundant files from the server.
  • This replica document checker supports a command-line interface.
  • it may show facts in pie charts.

charge: loose/ Paid

Platform: home windows XP & above, home windows Server

link: https://www.dupscout.com/

#21) replica report Detective

replica record Detective is an application for finding redundant files. It helps you to search for more than one drive, detachable storage gadgets, community proportion, and greater. This application can be used to loosen up your disc space.


  • It performs a byte-for-byte content evaluation.
  • deliver records to the mail
  • presents clean-up features by using removing, transferring, or archiving files.
  • replace deleted or moved documents with the link to the original.
  • It has person-degree reporting that tells you who owns redundant files.

charge: loose/ Paid

Platform: home windows

link: https://www.duplicatedetective.com/


❓ what's Disk Defragmentation?

Defragmentation is a system that physically organizes the content of your difficult disk and stores records into a small continuous region. It decreases the degree of fragmentation which lets you increase the speed of your laptop.

🚀 what's the exceptional Disk Defragmentation software?

here are a number of the fine disk defragmentation software program:

👍 clever Defrag

O&O Defrag unfastened edition


wise Care 365

windows’ integrated Disk Defragmenter

Systweak advanced gadget

Disk SpeedUp


⚡ Can Defragment motive troubles?

usually, defragment does not purpose problems. it can cause facts loss simplest if there's a pre-present hassle.

❗ Why need to Disk Defragmentation be achieved?

Disk defragmentation is completed as it helps you to bring together unfastened disk area right into a single block. It additionally enables you to save your destiny fragmentation.

💻 Does Defrag speed up the computer?

yes, defragging tools can speed up your pc.

pinnacle Disk Defragmenter for windows pc

call Platform link

👍 Smart Defrag windows 10/8.1/eight/7/Vista/XP analyze greater

O&O Defrag unfastened edition home windows 8, 7, XP, Vista analyze greater

Defraggler windows examine extra

wise Care 365 windows 10/eight.1/8/7/Vista and XP research greater

home windows’ integrated Disk Defragmenter windows 10 research more

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