Now if the channel has 500 subscribers, the community tab will match. Previously, at least one thousand subscribers were required to access this tab.
From October 12, you will get access to the creator community of any channel with 500 subscribers, according to YouTube.

In an official blog post, YouTube said it could take up to a week for a channel to have the option to create a community post once it has 500 subscribers. As well as channels that have less than 500 subscribers, there is a promise of good news for them in the future.

Meanwhile, YouTube will remove the discussion tab from the channel from October 12. Prior to this time, the Discussion tab can only be accessed from the Desktop Channel page.

The new Community tab is designed to replace the Discussion tab. YouTube has already added many new features to give users a great community post experience. The company, which is owned by Google, said it would roll out more new ways in the future.

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