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If you schedule an e-mail in Gmail, it will automatically be sent to the recipient's address by day.

Suppose you go to Bandarban on Thursday. Stay three days. However, on Saturday, very urgent business communication has to be done by e-mail. Danger if late. What to do then?

Google's e-mail service Gmail has a feature called 'Schedule Send'. Through this you can write e-mail and decide when to send it to whom. The e-mail will then automatically go to the recipient's address in a timely manner. Even if you want to e-mail someone abroad at four in the morning, the facility is quite useful.

Let's take a look at how to schedule e-mail in Gmail. The work can be done in two ways. From the Gmail website and smartphone app in the web browser.

From the Gmail website

Log in to your account by opening Gmail in the browser.

Just Click on the ‘Compose’ icon from the top left. The icon looks like a pencil.

After writing and attaching in the e-mail, you have to select 'Schedule Send' by clicking on the 'Arrow' button next to it without pressing the 'Send' button.

Set the time at which you want to send the e-mail. Once the day is fixed, the schedule will be done.

From the Gmail app on the smartphone

Open the app and select 'Compose'.

Once the e-mail is written, you have to select 'Schedule Send' by tapping the three dotted button at the top right.

Then, as per the instructions shown on the screen, you have to fix the date of sending the e-mail as usual.

You can cancel it before the scheduled time or you can schedule a new time instead of the time.

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